Marble Resort Booking Engine

When you click the ‘Book Now’ on this screen you will be taken to our online booking engine. As well as entering your required dates of stay and number of guests details for your proposed booking, you can also enter a Promotion Code in order to access discounts on your reservation rates as follows:

Promotional Discounts Available

- Promo Code = MULTI

For reservations of 2 or more nights' duration enter MULTI in the promotion code field to get your 10% multi-night discount applied to your nightly rate.


 - Promo Code = GREEN

For those of you wishing to save the planet and a few dollars we are introducing our Green rates. This is a discount of $10 per night from our standard nightly rates.

Whilst it still includes all the usual resort access, we don't do the normal daily refresh of the room and replacement of linens and supplies. You will be able to collect replacement items from Front Desk during normal hours.

This means that linens and supplies are replaced only when required by guests and so wastage is reduced and linens are washed only when required. This results in less harmful environmental effects from the use of detergents and less unnecessary use of resources.

Enter GREEN to access the special $10 per night Green discount

 - Promo Code = COMBO

If you wish to access BOTH of the above discounts, enter COMBO in the Promotion Code box and receive a 15% discount on your nightly rate.