Tour Planning

explorenl_logo_transparentNewfoundland and Labrador offers an amazing range of beauty, from fjords and towering icebergs, to humpback whales and puffins. Our UNESCO World Heritage Site at Gros Morne National Park shows the eye-popping results of the geological evolution of this easternmost part of North America.

Move forward in time and head north to another UNESCO site at L’Anse aux Meadows, where European Vikings arrived 1,000 years ago to find ancient cultures already living throughout the land. A little further north and another 500 years pass at Red Bay, Labrador, where you slip into the life of 16th century Basque whalers.

As fascinating as all that history wrapped in a spectacular landscape is, take another 500 year leap to today and the legendary hospitality of Newfoundlanders comes through in casual chats on the wharf and in the music and theatre found in the tiniest outports.

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